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Mortgage Modifications

Options are available for every home owner facing the uncertainty of unpaid debt. Not paying a mortgage payment may cause even greater concern for those family members who live in the house. The uncertainty of the family future living conditions can weigh heavily on the members of a family. An attorney who works daily with these types of problems can help to determine an effective solution. Contact for successful mortgage modifications and to help with your mortgage debt needs.

1. Mortgage Modifications In Brevard County

The banking institution that carries a home mortgage has certain debt solutions that can be offered to a mortgage holder. A mortgage modification plan can be an agreed solution that is in effect between the mortgage holder and the lender. An attorney can fight against any foreclosure threats by the lender, and a fee for this type of legal service is not charged. Success rates are frequently around 86 percent for a mortgage modification agreement that has been negotiated by the homeowner's law firm. Modification plans can include placing the mortgage payments that are in arrears at the end of the mortgage loan, for example.

2. Surrendering A Home

Options that include mortgage modifications in Brevard County are legal solutions for a homeowner who is behind with mortgage payments or who is significantly under water in home value. Another option that may be chosen is to simply surrender the house back to the lending institution. This option may need an attorney to help negotiate any payments in arrears or deficiency amounts that can end up in a deficiency judgment against a former homeowner. Negative tax consequences can result from simply walking away from a home mortgage as well.

3. Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy with the local federal courts can be a workable solution. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan has a payment plan that can include structured payments for a house that is kept by a homeowner.


Mortgage modifications are payment options that can be negotiated with a home lender. There are certain payment plans that can be agreed upon by a home owner and a lender. A law firm is usually necessary for this type of complex financial plan. Other debt solutions can include surrendering a house back and filing personal bankruptcy. Contact us for your mortgage debt needs.

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